Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest national park and a great place to see wildlife. It’s especially effective for identifying predators, such as huge lion prides and endangered wild dogs. Elephants and a wide range of antelope species are also popular attractions in the park. It also has a great deal of wilderness appeal, with only a few elite luxury campgrounds available.


All big cats are regularly seen, and wild dog are the star attraction. They are especially easy to find when denning. Several antelope species that are rare or absent in northern Tanzania, such as greater and lesser kudu, roan and sable antelope, are often encountered.


The park’s major feature is the Great Ruaha River, which draws a large number of animals during the dry season. The primary vegetation is brachystegia (miombo) woods, with the spectacular baobab tree sprinkled throughout.

Weather & Climate

Ruaha’s temperatures don’t vary significantly from month to month due to its proximity to the equator. The Dry season (May to October) is the coolest in the area, which isn’t saying much given the average afternoon temperature is around 27°C/81°F. The rainy season (November to April) adds to the heat and humidity, with the largest rainfall occurring early in the season.